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PombaGira Productions.

Our current projects.

Queen of Carnaval

The story of an indigenous outsider who achieves fame with a little help of her native spiritual forces.

This feature length film is in pre-production with a complete script and casting completed.

Funding is actively being sought.

Coming Soon!

Interview with a Queen

The story of Marie Laveau who rose to be the most powerful person in New Orleans history.

Suitable as a TV series or a mini-series this project chronicles the rise to power of Marie and her daughter.

The script is written and funding is actively being sought.

PombaGira Productions

As an actress Gabriella was well aware of the lack of female representation in the production area of films. She saw a real lack of roles that actually reflected the female perspective.

Early in 2014 Gabriella and a few of her close associates formed PombaGira Productions to serve as a vehicle for her feminist ideas that she wanted to actualize in film production.

The first project chosen was a script written by her, "Queen of Carnaval". This script had been floating around in her head and she was able to complete it and start the pre-production phase for filming.

The second project chosen was a script written by her in collaboration with Jack Marting, "Interview with a Queen". This script tells the true story of one of the most notorious and powerful women in US history.


Gabriella and PombaGira Productions appreciate any feedback, criticism, and encouragement that you can give.

And we are especially interested if you would like to explore the possibility of partnering on either of our projects. Thanks!