Oh, hello, nice to meet you!

I am Gabriella Curi the actress and dancer.

Here is a little bit about me.

About me

Gabriela Curi is a multi-talented film, TV and stage actress, a dancer/entertainer and spiritual healer/practitioner.

She has appeared in movies, TV shows and commercials and has performed on stage in New York, Miami, Brazil and Peru.

She speaks English, Portugese, French and Spanish.


Gabriella Curi

Email - curipamela@yahoo.es
Website - gabriellacuriactress.com
Phone - 51 1 999359592
Ht 5' 2" - Wt 99 lbs - Hair Dark Brown- Eyes Brown

Gabriela is a multi-talented film, TV and stage actress, a dancer/entertainer and spiritual healer/practitioner. She has appeared in movies, TV shows and commercials and has performed on stage in New York, Miami, Brazil and Peru. Gabriela also has a softer, spiritual side. She is a yoga practitioner/instructor, a breathing therapist, an Ayurvedic practitioner and Healer and is a Transformational Life-Health-Fitness consultant and Holistic instructor.


  • CEO and Founder of Live Longer Now! - a complete system of health, nutrition, meditation, Afro-Bahia dance and yoga
  • Health/Dance Private Coaching
  • Co-Organizer of Yoga/Afro retreats in Buzios, Morro de Sao Paulo
  • Co-Organizer/Project Developer of Woman's Shaolin Training Workout
  • Founder of Pombagira Productions - non-profit org empowering women through dance, martial arts, music and yoga
  • Tour Operator - Bahia Tours
  • Afro-Brazilian Cultural Expert
  • Orixas Tarot Reader
  • Artistic director of the international Brazilian - Peruvian Music Festival - she was also part of the image campaign of this festival, appearing in promotional media, and she directed the dance department for the festival.
  • Social Media Coordinator and Cultural Manager of the National Project of Sports, Arts, Culture and Entertainment for People with Disabilities and Autism in Peru


(Title - Role - Production)

  • Queen of Carnaval - Lead (Film in Production) - Pombagira Productions (Brazil)
  • Interview With a Queen - Marie Levoe (FIP) - PombaGira Productions (Brazil)
  • La Marea - Ghost - Gisela Barthe (Lima, Peru)
  • Fenix (Un-cut, short film) - Lead (Fenix) - Premier Productions (Lima, Peru)
  • Cellar - Florence (French Waitress) - Bone Films (Steve Saso, New York)
  • Psychoanalysis - Sexy Killer - NY Film Academy (New York)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (Short film) - Lead - NY Film Academy (New York)
  • Cut Heart (Short film) - Sexy Lesbian - NY Film Academy (New York)
  • Blue Sky (Short film) - Sexy Transexual - MEW with Com (Miami)


Title - Role - Production

  • Comercio (TV Series) - Prostitute (Supporting Actress - TV Bahia (Brazil)
  • A Promesa (TV Series) - Young Dancer - TV Bahia (Brazil)
  • Thanksgiving Day Parade - Samba Dancer - Telemundo (Miami)


Title - Role - Production

  • PT Political Campaign - University Student - Berimbao Productions (Brazil)
  • Aids Public Service - Spokesperson - TV Bahia (Brazil)


Title - Role - Production

  • Geronimo: Airo - Ritual Dancer - Trapiche Productions (Brazil)
  • Geronimo: D'Oxum - Ritual Dancer - Berimba Productions (Brazil)
  • Olodum Requebra - Samba Reggae Dancer - UFBA (Brazil)
  • Afrodisiaco: 'Ya'E - Afro-Brazilian Dancer - 3x4 Productions (Brazil)
  • Sarita: Mas Poder - Beauty Show Winner - Universidad (Lima, Peru)


Title - Role - Production

  • Ginga da Bahia - Afro-Brazilian Dancer - New York Dance Company
  • Ogans Company - Samba Dancer - New York Dance Company
  • Esencia - Contemporary Orixa - New York Dance Company
  • Gabriela - Young Country Girl - Theatre Luis XVIII (Bahia, Brazil)
  • Muzenza - Afro-Ritual Dancer - Praca Pedro Archangel
  • Xango - Afro-Ritual Dancer - Escada Pagador de Promesas (Brazil)
  • Timbalada - Carnaval Dancer - Timba Lada (Brazil)
  • Paulo Gualano - Samba Dancer - International Touring Company (Miami, FL)
  • Mangos Tropical Café - Latin-Samba Dancer - Miami Beach, FL


  • University of Lima, Lima, Peru - BA - Mass Media, Performing Arts and Communications - Lima, Peru (1996-2000)
  • New York Film Academy - Broadway Dance Center - Acting for Film, Ballet - New York, NY
  • Djoniva Dance Center, New York - African and Haitian Dances, Capoeira - New York, NY
  • Ned Williams (Broadway Dance Coach) New York - Dunham Technique - New York, NY
  • Tiba Capoeira and Kiki Da Bahia - Capoeira - New York, NY
  • Stewart Salomon - Improvisation - Full Combat Movement - Miami, FL
  • Fire-Fly - Strength, Stretch (Circus) - New York, NY
  • Peridance Center - Yoga, Pilates, Contemporary Dance - New York, NY
  • Blade - Hip-hop school - New York, NY
  • Ruslan Kleytman (Private Coach) - Yogui Arts - Miami FL
  • Loren Russo - Yivamukti Yoga - Miami FL
  • University Federal of Bahia - Samba, Orixas, Dance, Maculele, Pagode - Salvador, Brazil
  • Teatro Vilha Velha – Acting for Film – Bahia, Brazil
  • Acting Coach – Franklin Alburquerque – Bahia, Brazil
  • Funceb Vera Santos Paquito Teacher - Axe, Afro-Brazilian dances, Samba, Orixas dance, Lambada - Bahia, Brazil
  • David de Dantiago Mestre Bimba School - Ballroom Dances, Capoeira, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
  • Nua Santos - Singing Vocal Coach - Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
  • Alexcandro Sousa Santos Private Coach (Ile Aye Main Dancer) - Orixas Dance Afro-technique - Salvador de Bahia, Brazil


  • English, Portugese and Spanish
  • Transformational Life-Health-Fitness Consultant
  • Certified as an International Personal Trainer specializing in muscle techniques and fitness marketing.
  • Spiritual, but very realistic down to earth person, Yoguic Arts practitioner, Pilates, Running, Stretching
  • Breathing Therapist, Afro-Brazilian Dancer, Posture and Body Control, Good Martial Arts Look Burlesque Entertainer, Ayurveda Practitioner, Healer
  • Successfully organized recurring Vinyasa Krama Yoga Event (Agent Representative)
  • Latin American Program Coordinator for Teen Heroes (Teen social and emotional wellness education and crisis intervention platform)


Gabriella and PombaGira Productions appreciate any feedback, criticism, and encouragement that you can give.

And we are especially interested if you would like to explore the possibility of partnering on either of our projects. Thanks!